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DRESSED BIRDS Series Illustrations

Date | 2021

Type | Illustration Poker & Postcards & Posters & Stickers

Size | 6.4*8.9 cm & 10*15 cm & 42*59.4 cm & 6*6cm

Dressed Birds_01.jpg
Dressed Birds_02.jpg
Dressed Birds_05.jpg
Dressed Birds_06.jpg
Dressed Birds_03.jpg
Dressed Birds_04.jpg
Dressed Birds_07.jpg
Dressed Birds_Yellow-fronted Woodpecker.jpg
Dressed Birds_Red-bellied Woodpecker.jpg
Dressed Birds_Java Sparrow.jpg
Dressed Birds_Gray-chinned Minivet.jpg
Dressed Birds_Sparrow.jpg
Dressed Birds_Red-headed Tit.jpg
Dressed Birds_Red-necked Tanager.jpg
Dressed Birds_Muller's Barbet.jpg
Dressed Birds_Puffin.jpg
Dressed Birds_Kakapo.jpg
Dressed Birds_Night Heron.jpg
Dressed Birds_Kingfisher.jpg
Dressed Birds_White-eye.jpg
Dressed Birds_Taiwan Firecrest.jpg
Dressed Birds_Northern Cardinal.jpg
Dressed Birds_Yellow Tit.jpg
Dressed Birds_Robin.jpg
Dressed Birds_Pink Robin.jpg
Dressed Birds_Blue Jay.jpg
Dressed Birds_Taiwan Yuhina.jpg
Dressed Birds_Formosan Blue Magpie.jpg
Dressed Birds_Marron Oriole.jpg
Dressed Birds_Flamingo.jpg
Dressed Birds_Red-crowned Crane.jpg
Dressed Birds_Toucan.jpg
Dressed Birds_Hornbill.jpg
Dressed Birds_Barn Owl.jpg
Dressed Birds_Mountain Hawk-eagle.jpg
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